What do we want?

The aim of the cohort is to

  1. Excite students to self learn
  2. Make learning relevant
  3. Engage students during class - class shouldn't just be about teacher teaching.
  4. Teach them practical and hands-on skills

How can we get there?

  1. Increase class engagement :

    Pick any of the mentioned activities daily and try to incorporate this

    1. In the first 5 min of the class ask them to brief you a news
    2. Ask questions from the students - "What if" Question can be one form of a question for e.g. if you are teaching them about humans you can ask them "What if there were no humans?"
    3. Meditation
    4. Quiz: Prepare 5 questions related to the topic that was being taught in the previous class and ask them, specific students, to answer.
    5. Class summary at the end by anyone student
    6. Presentations: Ask each student to prepare a presentation and assign a topic that was being taught in the week
    7. Tell the students the topic you will be teaching in the next class and ask them to read about it prepare a question about it]

How to coordinate the classes?

  1. Talk to at least two educators on daily basis and try to find out :

    1. What was being taught in the class?
    2. What was the student interaction?
    3. If you think that educators can improve in the way they engage or the way they decide the topic for the next class, feel free to help them
    4. What do they plan to teach next?
    5. Check their sheets and help them with what they can improve
    6. Remind them about the self learning class and the test that are conducted bi-weekly
    7. Is there any problem you faced during the class or while interacting with the students
  2. Talk to at least one student every day and try to find out :

    Talk to students from orphanage (Beginner, Intermediate, Expert batch) , Community batch

    1. How was the class?
    2. Find out more about their life, what's their schedule apart from the classes, their interests, hobbies, what they want to be, their favourite subject, their relationship with their siblings, etc.
    3. What new did they learn in the last couple of classes?
    4. Was the class interesting enough?
    5. Is there anything else that they want to learn in the class?